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If you are one of those men who like the details in their dress, then this is for you, since you can wear a luxury accessory, unique and exceptional, the cufflink monuments are the ideal accessory to wear on a special occasion.

The cufflinks are called in various ways, cufflinks, these are pins designed specifically to join the cuffs of the long-sleeved shirts on the gentlemen.

They have a special composition, that is to say, they consist of two parts that are joined by a small bolt that fulfills the function of allowing one of its parts to be turned to be able to close the cuffs, you just have to enter the buttonhole of the shirt cuff .

Not any team or cufflink can be used since not all are made with the same characteristics or parameters that guarantee their functionality, that is, not all materials or any material can be used to make them.

Cufflinks History

To continue knowing a little more about the cufflinks, name with which they are known, it can be said that it is really from the time of the renaissance when it began its use, since, previously men used pins and even tapes to join the cuffs of his shirts, which did not look bad, but that did not last long.

As time went by, fine chains were used with bows at the ends, later it was changed to buttons, but this however caused a lot of sympathy for the gentlemen who used them and it is even said that they were mandatory between High class elites in Britain.

After a long time they began to make the prototypes until King Carlos II made the use of cufflinks or cufflinks popular as it is also known.

 Since the industrial revolution, this accessory became popular and accessible to the entire manly population, most of the business men were seen wearing them at a gala event or at night getaways.

And to the greatest surprise of all today it is a complement to the good dress of men, not exclusive to them only, since even this accessory is used by women.

Cufflinks Composition

At the time of the cufflinks, it is necessary that they are made only by the best specialists in the manufacture of such a beautiful accessory.

They must be made with the right material, as is known this accessory consists of two parts, the flat part which can be the object of various shapes and materials, there have been cases of cufflinks that are made of gold and precious stones, since apart Being a valuable and colorful accessory, it is an exquisite jewel.

This is intended to say that this valuable accessory is not common or daily use, on the contrary when deciding to use them should be done with long-sleeved shirts and only for special occasions, accompanied by a good combination in the remainder of the wardrobe.

There are countless stores that offer such a beautiful accessory for gentlemen and the materials they usually offer are varied from metal, steel, copper and even gold.

And with respect to prices, a wide range is also available, from the most economical depending on the material with which it is made, to the most expensive possible.

Characteristics of the cufflinks

Some of the characteristics that the cufflinks have, are that they are designed in circular sterling silver, they can be personalized, that is, you can place what you want, an image, phrases, dates, name, other, as long as what you want, you adapt to the size of the cufflinks, which has dimensions equivalent to a diameter of 17mm.

These have a thickness of not less than 2mm, it is made of Metal in Sterling Silver Argentium 935/000, it has a profiled diameter and outer beveled of 0.2 mm with a manually operated burl with automatic whale tail type closure.

As for its completion it is made of palladium and rhodium and a high-gloss polish.

It is interesting to note that there are Cufflink monuments, these yuntas, as the name implies, are related to any symbolic monument in the world, such as the Eiffel Tower, Tower of London or any other type of monument.

These cufflinks can be made in any type of material, but nevertheless the silver cufflinks are a lot of monuments, they are really beautiful and have a unique finish.

You can also have the personalized silver cufflinks, in various reasons, such as placing a letter, casino chip, coat of arms, dragon country of Wales, custom crown and draft, this is just to name a few.

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