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The cufflinks are fairly simple pieces of jewelry that consist of pins that are placed at the end of the sleeves of a dress shirt, these are next to the tie and the pin of the same, iconic garments of male suits.

The silver shield-shaped country cufflinks are mostly representative for political and governmental characters, seen mostly in high-ranking personalities as presidents.

They are usually thin cufflinks with 2mm in diameter that do not bother the closure, they are perfect for placement, and their clasps are secure making it very difficult for them to detach in the middle of a walk or conference where the movement of hands be continuous

There is nothing better than representing your country in the best way with a shiny coat of arms, under alloys such as Palladium and Rhodium, which in addition to shining from unique wood, are polished to generate much more visual impact to the public.


The characteristics of the cufflink shield coats are very interesting, highlighting the following:

- Argentium 935/000 silver metal.

- 17mm height.

- Thickness of 2mm or a little more.

- Automatic closing whale tail type.

- Terminations in palladium and rhodium

Origin of the design

When talking about the origin of the design, we refer mostly to the personalization environment, the country shield cufflinks can have different shapes and models; however, they are made in boxes of maximum 17 mm high, its width already depends on the model although this is usually similar to the height.

Some cufflinks may not be square but rather beveled with buril manually, something very similar to woodwork but with metal, its finishes are incredible and are completely comfortable at the time of placement.

Regardless of the material, the visible part of the coat of arms will always be much larger than the hidden piece. Not all metal materials are good for the manufacture of cufflinks, since the two parts of the piece must be able to rotate as if they were two bolts, a quality very difficult to acquire in steel for example.

What is Argentium silver and why are the cufflinks made of this material?

Before talking about the cufflinks, we must mention the alloy they are made of, this is the argentium, a compound of silver materials with a purity level of 96%, these in turn have a great feature that is the pawn very slowly, being one of the few pieces of metal that do not need a luster every so often.

Sterling silver has a margin of acceptance of 92.5%, a figure surpassed by Argentum, making it high value silver. Its use for the creation of cufflinks and jewelry in general is related to the softness of its material, which when annexing another metal, generates a resistant alloy.

Among the most resistant and transmutable metals of Argentum is copper, which for chemical reasons generates slight stains; However, the percentage used in Argentina is considerably lower than that of any other sterling silver.

The argentum attached to copper generates the chemical reaction that makes fogging complicated, making the Argentum material very resistant to tarnish. This silver alloy does not contain any type of nickel and is perhaps one of the most expensive silverware to make jewelry, because for its manufacture it uses only recycled silver.

How to keep the agentium cufflinks in perfect condition

Cufflinks and any material made with argentium silver should be stored in at least airtight bags when they are not being used, this prevents the material from coming into contact with chemicals such as perfume, sprays, bleach, turpentine, acetone, sunscreen or any corrosive .

While Argentium silver is strong and needs much less care, at least a simple deal can be made. It is not an oxidizable metal, so mild soap and some warm water is enough to clean it; On the other hand, there is a polishing cloth dedicated to the Argentium, it quickly returns the natural shine to the product.

You cannot use any sterling silver polisher and much less aggressive chemicals such as chlorine, or common cleaning products. Ionized water is also not a good idea, since it can dull the material.

A material as good as Argentium does not generate many problems for its care; in fact, it is a highly valued product that, in addition to being beautiful to the eye, generates quite attractive to any formal or formal garment that is being used at the moment; However, it requires care.

Palladium and Rhodium as first-hand materials

Palladium and rhodium are two of the materials that, together with Argentum, are used for the manufacture of cufflinks. As we mentioned earlier, these maintain the union of materials and create the beautiful shapes of the elegant bevelled arms shields    

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