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The variants can also go not only in alloy but in shape, you can see Crown and Letter Silver Cufflinks, Crown and Number Silver Cufflinks and Silver Cufflinks with figures and initials, the variants can be many but the finish will always be unique and very striking to see.

For variants that are not of a high level metal such as gold or silver, maintenance should be greater but it cannot be with chemical agents or everyday use such as water and soap, as these are prone to rust and problems of opacity.


The meaning of the initials and the Crown 

The crown means reign, reigns that can last for very long years nowadays, this together with what are the initials of the couple means union at its best, the prettiest way to dedicate love to the couple and make her feel loved and special. 

If this is not the case and the use is more personal, the meaning is totally different, with a feeling of power and domination, where the bearer demonstrates that he feels sovereign and very willing to lead, an attitude of leader in a simple accessory that well They can be worn in a very well designed gala outfit.


The argentium and its familiarity with palladium and rhodium

We are very clear that the Argentium, palladium and rhodium are the 3 metal alloys that are used for the best brooches, those that do not tarnish, that shine at all times and that require very minimal maintenance to return to their initial state .

The Argentium itself is a very weak sterling silver metal, in the first instance little indicated for the development of jewelry; However, the Argentium together with palladium and rhodium make a very resistant alloy, similar to steel but with other factors that make it worth more.

Brightness, durability and the superpower of not being able to tarnish, the 3 separate alloys are totally unstable and unreliable, but together they create a beautiful jewel that in addition to generating modernity and a lot of charm, produce a durability of many years, if we add adjusters to this of the same material, we have a product without comparison.


Surely you will wonder

 Why use Rhodium if there is platinum? And that simple answer, platinum is not very good transmutator with rhodium; in fact, the latter generates in the Argentium the necessary durability so that its opacity does not blur.


Cufflink Crown and letter for commitments

 As explained above, the meaning of commitment is very clear in the crown and initial cufflinks, the detail is at the time of showing them to our partner. The cufflinks do not necessarily have to be combined with any garment of our couple at a wedding, since this is an accessory that generates personality.

The Cufflinks are quite prominent at the time of taking the event photographs, since the photographer (no matter who it is) seeks to highlight these details that even when they are small, are seen in their maximum splendor; therefore, they are totally important to highlight.

While the silver cufflinks are potentially luxurious, the ones that attract the most for events and ceremonies are those gold that leave a good point of attraction, the yellowish glow that apparently never goes out of style and all that gold means in different cultures.

The crown and initial cufflinks are a good way to generate elegance and sophistication to any gala outfit; Of course, its meaning goes much further, bringing with it a symbol of respect or one of eternal love, which can generate an interesting number of sensations to anyone who sees the clothing accessory.

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