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The cufflinks are an accessory that some men usually use on special occasions, who consider that with their use this will give a touch of elegance to their presentation.
But surely you wonder what are cufflinks? The cufflinks are other names by which they are known, this is an indispensable piece in every closet of any man.
The cufflinks are used from a long time, since previously used to use in the cuffs of the shirts some ribbons, then some chains and finally some buttons, they were only used by those wealthy people or money for the time, then as As time went by, it was commonly used by men for any special celebration.
At present this accessory is indispensable as an accessory every modern man should use.
When using cufflinks you should only consider certain tips, such as:
ü It is important at the time of its use, to verify the material with which it has been made, this with the intention of making your accessory more colorful, the materials that will help you are those that have been made in gold, silver or steel. When used in this material the cufflinks will last you longer and will also serve to give you a feeling and image of power and security.
ü The silk knot, some time ago the use of the cufflinks was exclusively limited to a special occasion, at present the use of them is almost daily, therefore take care to always have several options in your closets fashion materials, and always remember to wear them on those shirts with French cuffs.
ü There must be a balance when you decide to use them, that is, try to have them with you in the cuff of your shirt, ensure that the sleeve of the suit does not cover them, just as you do not see the shirt, none of the ends is valid , the measures they recommend is that the shirt you choose to wear should stand out between 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters more.
ü Colour is definitely important, that is, you don't know exactly what color you should use, gold or silver? You should definitely choose this according to the style that characterizes you, but it is recommended to use the color according to the color of your skin, if you are dark in color it is recommended that you use silver colored cufflinks, if on the contrary, you are white complexion , you can use gold.
ü Creative cufflinks? This depends on the event you will attend, if you decide to attend a tag event you can choose to use those traditional or classic cufflinks, if instead you will attend a somewhat less formal event you can choose to use some more innovative.

Types of initial cufflinks

Basic customizable cufflink: this is a customizable silver cufflink that can be used in the day since it has a few pure lines, remember to personalize it with the initial of your first or last name, it is made of metal in Argentinian sterling silver 935/000 , with a height of approximately 17 mm.
Customizable cufflink 1 letter: this cufflink is customizable was born as a tribute to all jeweler artisans, model without beveling which makes it a unique design.
United Kingdom flag cufflink: as the name implies, this cufflink has the United Kingdom flag printed, this type of cufflink is not customizable, the pieces are usually finished in palladium and rhodium.
Custom cufflinks 2 letters gold and silver: it has two customizable letters, it can be fully customized.

Silver cufflinks with gold initials

Silver cufflinks are usually very convenient for gentlemen, especially if they carry the initials, these can be made in gold, leaving them to look perfectly on any special occasion. They can be made with bezels, it is not advised to be very bright since it would reduce the appearance of the piece.

In the same way you have personalized Silver Cufflinks with initials, these usually have the initials of the person who buys them in various colors, such as black, gold. When viewing the catalogs available with the variety of cufflinks, you can see a fairly wide variety of the various styles available for use on any occasion.

The cufflinks can be found in various forms, such as the round or square base, in which you can simply order the engraving of the initials you wish to have.

If it is not your taste, you can easily place the initials as yunta or cufflinks without using a base.

Characteristics of the cufflinks

The most common characteristics that cufflinks have, is that many of those that are made are usually designed in circular sterling silver, they can be personalized, that is, you have amplitude if you want to choose an image, dates, name, other, always and when it is what you like and obviously you can adapt to the size of the cufflinks, which has dimensions equivalent to one day

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