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The numbers as a design for custom s are among the most requested. They look perfect in various styles and one of the most attractive is that of  openwork numbers. The number of the date of your birthday or your lucky number you can have in some attractive silver cufflinks personalized according to your taste, and they are the ideal option to give on a birthday of a very special being or to celebrate an important date. The openwork numbers are a very striking and simple design that looks great with the fineness of silver and other accessories.

The best designs of cufflinks openwork numbers

Whether for a wedding, birthday, graduation or important celebration gift, the  letters and openwork numbers will make you look great with the person to give away. These s you will see below will give you an idea.

1. Cufflinks of openwork numbers with gold appliqués: Cufflinks made of sterling silver Argentium 935/000, diameter of 17 mm and thickness of 2 mm; 9k gold applique and beveled with buril.

2. Cufflinks with openwork shaped numbers: These s come out of the typical conventional round shape. They are made of Argentium 935/000 sterling silver with palladium and rhodium finishes and reliefs. They adapt to any number or letter.

3. Cufflinks in openwork artistic calligraphy: Perfect as a wedding gift, they are made of 935/000 sterling silver, with 9 k gold edges, 17 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness.

4.  letters and openwork numbers combined: Ideal to personalize with your birthday or who's going to give. Made of 935/000 sterling silver and rectangular shape, 21 mm long and 2 mm thick, with whale tail clasp.

5.  numbers or letters with stone: The chosen letters are complemented with a bright stone on the basis of Argentium 935/000 sterling silver, 17 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick, with whale tail brooch.

If it is a question of personalized jewels, the numbers are the ideal option to create a simple and at the same time elegant garment in sight. They complement any style very well and look perfect on any type of shirt, bag or jacket and is a gift that adapts perfectly well to any occasion or event.


Silver  designs have no limits in terms of combinations. A design that is worth having in your jewelry collection are s openwork numbers. A simple number can mean many valuable things, so it can be the most appropriate gift for a birthday or wedding anniversary. It is a very significant detail for any special occasion and adapts perfectly well to the look of any genre. The delicacy and sobriety of silver enhances the simplicity of the silver cufflinkss. A beautiful and delicate detail to display or give to the most important person in life.

How to wear openwork s

In that dress that you will exhibit to that important event, the openwork s play a very important role. They are garments that give distinction to those who wear them, be they women or men. Here are several ideas to combine your silver cufflinks with your favorite clothes.

Outlet dresses: Any colorful dress chosen to go for a walk or an informal event will stand out even more with openwork silver cufflinks with the design of the birthday date number made of polished silver with stone sconces.

Male shirts: The  letters and openwork numbers come in handy with formal shirts to wear in the office or in an informal meeting.

Gala dresses: To give the bright touch and make the dress stand out more spectacular than silver cufflinks with the letter or number that most represents who wears it. The dresses in dark colors will look splendid with silver s enhanced with gold or stones.

Male suits: To give more brightness and splendor to the tuxedo at night, the most indicated are  openwork numbers made of the best silver.

When do you wear  openwork letters?

The cufflink openwork letters made of genuine silver are a design that will not disappoint you, never goes out of style and can be customized according to your preferences. It will also accompany you in any event where you must make a good presence such as:
• Parties.
• Weddings.
• Wedding anniversaries.
• Formal events such as birthdays or baptisms.
• As a gift to flatter a special person.
The silver cufflinks, despite their simplicity, can make an informal garment a royal pint that will make you catch all the looks around you. It is a very successful option if you are looking to look elegant without being outlandish.

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