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Silver cufflinks are among the most demanded collection jewelry accessories. They are very versatile accessories that support any design and can be customized to any preference. Famous monuments are perfect as a design, especially if you made a trip and met some, the best way to immortalize this moment is with silver cufflinks that you can take everywhere. It will be perfect placed in your favorite clothes or in the bag that you always take to your work at the university or simply add it to your collection of cufflinks. It is a perfect detail to collect or give to a very special person.
The best monuments cufflinks design

What better than international constructions as perfect protagonists for the design of personalized silver cufflinks? Below you will find the most original twin designs to show off or give away.

1. Big Ben silver cufflinks: The Big Ben is the London icon construction and it is possible to wear it in a Argentium 935/000 sterling silver twin with palladium finish to ensure greater durability in the pieces.

2. Eiffel Tower Cufflinks: For romantic collectors, what better than twins with the engraving of the Eiffel Tower and the phrase "Oh la la"? And it can be round or square.

3. Twins of the Tower of Pisa or the Roman Colosseum: To save your trip to Italy in posterity, wear some original silver twins with the Tower of Pisa in all its splendor or the Roman Colosseum, if you are passionate about history.

4. Cufflinks of the Statue of Liberty: A very original way to express your love for freedom is to use cufflinks of the Statue of Liberty with an allusive phrase, in 935/000 sterling silver and 9 k gold.

The cufflinks monuments are the most suitable option to bring as a souvenir in your travels around the world and remember them. They will be a memory that will last you a long time. The cufflinks adapt to any taste regardless of where you traveled. What you liked most about your trips can be reproduced in an original cufflink that you can take everywhere and it will make you look different from the rest. They are discreet and look good on any garment, bag or even in a cap, so it is worth investing in ones.
What better way to express your passion for travel than with personalized silver cufflinks of monuments? They are simple and at the same time sophisticated garments that will accompany you everywhere complementing your personal pint and are a perfect gift that can have a lot of sentimental value. They are spectacular decorating your favorite flannel or the bag that you take to work or university. The most famous monuments worldwide are the perfect motif for some stylish silver twins that combine the fineness and sobriety of silver with the originality of the design monument you choose.

How to wear silver cufflinks monuments?

The silver cufflinks monument motif are the perfect complement to a formal and elegant look. There are no limits as to ways to wear them. Here are some ideas:
Male shirts: The silver cufflinks give more life to that sober shirt that men wear to work with a sober colored tie. The light colored shirts will look great with a pair of silver and gold combined round cufflinks.
Female blouses: Any female blouse of modern and elegant design will be perfectly enhanced with cufflinks in the shape of the monument of choice with reliefs and sconces in stones.
Jackets: The cufflinks monuments also make good presence in cotton jackets, both in men and women. Also in leather jackets they look spectacular.
Bags: Silver cufflinks give life to any purse or wallet used daily.

When can silver cufflinks be used for monuments?

Custom silver cufflinks are garments adaptable to any occasion, whether formal or informal. The reasons for monuments are perfect for those occasions where we want to look attractive without complicating ourselves, such as:
• Gala parties.
• Weddings.
• Job.
• Travel around the world.
• Graduation dances.
• Or simply as a formal gift.
Silver cufflinks are very versatile garments that in their simplicity have a lot of elegance. Sterling silver 935/000 is the perfect metal to make cufflinks of great strength and beauty, and they are a garment suitable for any gender.
To look at the forefront is not required to invest much in ostentatious jewelry. The silver cufflinks will perfectly decorate any pint on an occasion where you have to look presentable and the monuments are the most appropriate design to give any pint a very special touch.

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