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The cufflinks as clothing accessories either at gala times or for an important ceremony, has been standardized since ancient times where royalty was the one who used these types of accessories in their fine brand suits.

At present, its use is not discontinued but it is seen very little, being in the latter instance as people totally elegant and attractive to those who retain this type of customs; Well, if we go to the case, the Cufflinks are not very cheap clothes that we say.

The crown and letter cufflinks are perhaps one of the most beautiful details that can be placed in a marriage, and you will surely think, and why not use them as something formal and distinctive among the initials of the same person? And the reason is very simple: The crown, since the latter means the almost formal and real union of two bodies in one.

The alloys used in the silver and crown and letter cufflinks can vary between Argentium, Palladium and Rhodium, or the Traditional Gold with sterling silver closures, the creative possibilities are many although we consider much more striking those made only of silver.

Features and specifications

The cufflinks have mixed characteristics that make them stand out a little among the rest of the forms, mainly for their alloys, which insert the gold in a very comfortable way although subtracting a little from what is the maintenance, well we know that gold needs lustres not so recurring but if newspapers to keep

Among the features we have:

- Sterling Silver Argentium, 935/000

- Width depending on the specifications

- 17 mm height

- Thickness not less than 2mm

- Terminations in Palladium and Rhodium, polished.

- Fully beveled hand body with Buril

- Automatic closing of whale tail type for greater placement comfort.

The cufflinks can be customized so that the crown can be placed under, in the center or above the initials; These, in turn, should be placed either in parallel, cursive or inclined, all according to the client but respecting the limitations shown by the material.

Benefits and disadvantages of the garment

Among the most outstanding benefits of cufflinks with Corona and initials we have:

• Easy placement: fasteners developed in whale tail type, easily placed but with complicated detachment so that the piece cannot be accidentally lost

• Brightness and unique touch: a unique feature of the Argentium, with a brooch developed in this material, it will be totally difficult to see opaque cufflinks, unless we find ourselves in a totally humid environment.

• Price factor: Although palladium, rhodium, silver and gold are the most expensive metals on the market, their final manufacturing does not generate much cost. Manufacturers like Thomas Parkers use recycled silver to make their products, this does not reduce the value but it makes processing much easier, and labor has a certain value in the price factor.

The initial cufflinks are precious and very striking accessories but also delicate showing notable disadvantages such as:

• They cannot be used in all the clothes of galas: Only in specific ceremonies with totally label suits like the Smoking. Asian or less formal court suits look very out of place using Cufflinks

• They cannot be used on shirts that are not double-sealed.

• If the initials are representative of a wedding, their use will be only once: Just like the wedding dress, the representative accessories are not very well taken to another level, only the wedding ring.

Crown and letter cufflinks as a gift

If the point is to give this type of accessories to a wedding, the result will be quite good; However, presentations are always an important factor. The common cases of hard cardboard, dark lining and contact closures are not bad, although they generate certain informalities that do not usually look great on wedding gifts for example.

Stores such as Thomas Parkers offer this and a second case a little more expensive but attractive, this consists of a wooden drawer, mechanical closures and magnetization as safety implements, silk as a coating and dark foam coated as holders of the garment, as if It was a wedding ring box.

 The personalized initial and crown cufflinks can be seen in prices between € 55 and € 80; This of course, not counting the value of the cases that can be made of hard cardboard or silk-coated wood.


Like everything in life, the crown and number or crown and letter cufflinks do not always have to be silver, being able to use other types of elements ranging from gold to platinum, not forgetting some economical and much less luxurious metal alloys.

Gold, for example, is one of the elements that most attracts attention

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